About us

Live in Colors is not an ordinary coloring book and coloring supplies online shop, it is the space where we want to promote a life philosophy that has spread all over the world and keeps spreading joyfully over the gloomy landscape every day.

It is to encourage self-expression through art and stories, color and imagination.

Every one of us, no matter how old we are, feels the need to express and leave behind the anxieties of the modern world and to return to childhood through art and creativity.

Coloring books are a return to manual activities, they bring us peace, and help us to actively meditate and feel close to ourselves, in a changing and troubled world.

"My mission is to turn the world into a more cheerful and creative place through coloring!"

Johanna Basford, famous illustrator of adult coloring books.

Liveincolors.ro is a project of SC Liveincolors SRL, launched on September 20th, 2016.